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Open since November 2009, 530 Burns Gallery is an intimate contemporary art gallery beneath the banyan tree in Sarasota, Florida's historic Burns Court...

The unique space features a diverse group of talents including fine, mixed-media, and abstract artists; glass and wood sculptors; and art jewelry designers. With bi-monthly exhibitions and meet-the-artist trunk shows, the gallery is constantly evolving, showcasing fresh regional and national talent, and displaying new, innovative work. 

The team at 530 Burns Gallery is incredibly passionate about helping people find a piece that not only fits into their collection, but will be cherished for years to come.

Art Services 

The team offers a complimentary concierge service and art consultation by appointment in the gallery, your home, over video chat or on the phone. The range of work available by each artist in our database makes finding the right piece of artwork exciting and effortless.

If you fall in love with an artist's style, but can't find the right size or piece for your collection, we work seamlessly with you and the artist to create the perfect commission. 

Local Residents:

Falling in love with a piece can be easy, but finding the right space in your home and hanging the work can seem daunting. The installation team will come to your home, hang the painting, glass wall sculpture, or mixed media work while you relax and admire its beauty and impact on your wall. We'll even move around existing works to curate space for the new work you love. 

Often times, it takes seeing a piece in your space before making a decision on if its right for you. After installation, we will allow you 24-hours to ensure this is the right work for you.

Non-local visitors or online inquiries:

The team will provide detailed photographs of any work in which you are interested. Utilizing the most up-to-date technology, we can photoshop a painting sculpture, or mixed media work digitally, directly into your space! This gives you an immediate feel on hour your space will be transformed. Snap and send a photo of your wall or room and its dimensions, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Simply give us a call, send us an email or walk into the gallery to get started!

Client Installations

Our Team

“By finding exceptional artists in a variety of mediums, we connect their creativityand ingenuity to those who appreciate and recognize their talents. We work tirelessly to curate awelcoming space that allows our artists’ passions to flourish and continue to develop.” -Nikki Sedacca 

Nikki Sedacca

Co-owner and founder Nikki Sedacca, a jewelry designer by trade, brings her creative vision, leadership, eye for color and design, refined sense of style, and experience to the gallery’s offerings.

Nikki is the lead design consultant for Curated Interiors.

Montana Taplinger 

Co-owner Montana Taplinger’s infectious energy and natural leadership motivate and push the team forward, while generating fresh marketing and event planning perspective and ideas.

Laveda Keesling

Laveda Keesling’s education in gemology and lifelong career in the jewelry industry, as well as her organization, logic and efficiency keep day-to-day operations at full speed for clients.

Molly Lindberg 

Molly Lindberg’s knowledge of art history, youthful energy, savvy tech skills, and love of the story behind each work, guide clients to the pieces they will most highly treasure.