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Artnet News - "The Art World at Home: Botanical Garden President Jennifer Rominiecki Is Researching Lichtenstein and Binge-Watching ‘The Crown’"

"What is your favorite part of your house and why?

My living room has 22-foot ceilings, so I love the airy quality it has. It gives me space to think, and it allows me to display large works of art. The first item I purchased for my home was a large-scale triptych by Katie Cassidy that is perfect for this space. When I look at it, I feel like I am floating in the nearby Gulf of Mexico. It brings me peace."

Rominiecki found her painting and the work by Katie Cassidy here at 530 Burns Gallery.

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November 2020 issue of SRQ Magazine 

Page 92-93: DISH + ART

September 10, 2020. Sarasota Herald Tribune feature in Arts Events 

"Finding 'Harmony' at 530 Burns Gallery.

August 21, 2020. SRQ Magazine feature on Exhibition- Joy & Serenity: Paintings of Peace

"When seen all together, the collection of works forms a synergy of calmness, a series of much needed snap shots of idyll."- Andrew Fabian

August 13, 2020. Sarasota Herald-Tribune feature on Exhibition- Joy & Serenity: Paintings of Peace

SRG MAG- The Brushstrokes of Time's Transformation

Pictured: "Frequency" by Steven Anton Rehage.

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Fine art Connoisseur

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