5 Art Buying Tips


5 Art Buying tips

Turn your home into a sanctuary.

This article was written in Sarasota Magazine

Like the ripple the Gulf’s waves, your space should wash away the stress and pressure of the day and create an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed when choosing the right artwork for your space. Here are a couple tips we have pulled together to help guide you along this exciting journey.

When choosing art for your space consider:


Jewel-like hues of blues and greens will not only mimic the water’s depth, but also create feelings of confidence, calmness and stability. Blue is the color we can’t seem to get enough of, because it brings an element of the surrounding nature, the Gulf of Mexico and the warm, clear blue skies, into the home.

A soft pink will tap into your emotional heartstrings and stir up nostalgic memories. Work by this artist, Kathe Fraga, does just that. She says, “My nature narrative paintings are inspired by the romance of vintage Chinoiseries, layered with pattern, botanicals, color and hidden motifs.” We have found that both men and women love this artist’s work—perhaps because we are all hopeless romantics!

A pop of yellow will grab your attention and spark joy and optimism. Yellow is the most noticeable color to the eye, so you can expect a piece you choose with yellow to be a visual focal point of the space.


An abstract work will let your imagination take the wheel, with endless possibilities. You put your own experiences into the painting, making a personal connection and conversation with the piece.

A representational work can transport you into an idyllic landscape. You will never tire looking at a spectacular scene like in Silver Lining by Linda Richichi. 

On the other hand, Mixed-media works ignite an innate sense of creativity. Everyone likes different styles of artwork, and every artist has a unique flavor.

Mix Old and New 

Just because you bought a new home or are remodeling your space does not mean your existing art collection won’t work. If you are going more modern, try changing out the frame of a traditional painting you cherish. You would be amazed at how much the frame can change the overall look of a space. Add a couple new works that you love, and the space will feel 100 percent fresh. Conversely, go for the gold with all gold-leaf frames if you are looking to bring a more formal feel to your space.

Talk to a Professional

There is a reason for gallerists. They know the ins and outs of each artist and style, and are always enthusiastic about helping you discover work that is best for you. Often, a gallery will have more work available than what’s on the gallery walls that day, so it’s important to discuss the artists who interest you. The team at 530 Burns Gallery will even let you try a painting in your home and sit with it for 24 hours to be sure it’s right for you! They also have Curated Interiors, an all-encompassing home design service.

Lastly, perhaps most importantly, have fun! Collecting art is nothing like car shopping. This is a time where your personal taste shines. Everyone likes different work and artists, which is what makes the whole process exciting! There are no wrong art purchases. Remember, if you are choosing pieces by living artists, from your local businesses, there are real people, doing real happy dances behind your purchase and support!

So take the first step!  All you have to do is walk through the gallery doors…your art oasis waits. 

530 Burns Gallery
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