Coastal Perspective: Linda Richichi Solo Exhibition

We are proud to present avidly collected artist Linda Richichi's newest body of work in the exhibition. 



Thank you to everyone who attended the opening reception. Please visit the gallery to view the show!



The show was featured in SRQ Mag. The Color of Confidence by Phil Lederer


"Sunsets made of molten gold, boats sailing under tie-dye skies. Clouds that hang over the horizon like fluffy mountains of cotton candy, water that flows in every hue. Seeing the world through the eyes of painter Linda Richichi can be like seeing the world in color for the first time, like someone grabbed one of the knobs on your optic nerve and cranked the brilliance all the way up to 11. As an artist living in a synesthetic world, wherein colors pop and explode off the walls in unexplainable ways, Richichi has long aimed to capture this reality on her canvas. With Coastal Perspectives, her latest solo exhibition at Burns Gallery on Palm, she takes perhaps her best shot yet." - Phil Lederer,  SRQ Mag 



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