Contemporary Essence

CONTEMPORARY ESSENCE IS A FINE ART SHOWCASE highlighting all new works from four female artists that have impacted modern art of the 21st century. This all-women’s group show blends coastal colors and tones that amplify each artist’s unique take on coastal modern trends. Let this exhilarating art showcase brighten up any room in your home, office, or public space for years to come.




Bettina Sego is an artist who has built quite a name for herself in the Sarasota community. She highlights bright colors and bold hues with a carefully poured epoxy coating. Sego’s pieces have been showcased and collected internationally in Germany and Canada. She shows her artwork throughout Florida, and it has been seen at Spectrum, a satellite exhibition of Art Basel. Her signature resin pour highlights each piece even further by creating a glossy glaze atop. This shiny finish has recently been seen as a popular trend in contemporary art pieces.



Focusing heavily on muted florals, Laura Varich has developed a bridge between abstract art and impressionism through her inspiration of flowers. She is an artist who has exhibited from Santa Fe to Sarasota and everywhere in between. Her latest series drifts away from her classical shades of green and focuses more on the movement of the florals she paints. Her technique involves painting in many layers that allude to her subject of flowers and adds loose brush strokes for swifts of color.



Having lived in South America and Europe, Susan von Gries is inspired by art from all over the world, but in her latest series, she transitions from a pop of color into a “shades of blue” aesthetic. The blue and turquoise waters of Sarasota and Siesta Key are one of two inspirations: water and music. Her technique involves painting in many layers to reveal unordinary colors hidden behind the blue tones she’s created. Her art has an organic feel to it, and blends colors into the coastal melody she paints to.



Anita Lewis is an expert when it comes to blending colors and metallics to create modern, contemporary pieces. Her work is famed throughout the American Southwest and Florida. Being a California native, she has always been inspired by water and the natural life that surrounds her. Anita’s distinctive layering technique has brought her to great success as a modern artist of the 21st century. She begins her work with a blank canvas, and applies texture through different brushes, sponges and a special scraping technique that reveals tones and color unlike those of any other artist.


Curated by Andrew Trujillo






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