ARISE is inspired by the cycles of nature, the dawn of a new day, and the emergence of joy through the lens of visual art. Featured artists include Kathe Fraga and Laura Varich who explore symbolism in their paintings. The exhibition will run from Friday, December 11 through January 8 2020.  


Consider the smell of fresh flowers blooming in the garden and love birds chirping sweet songs. Kathe Fraga creates romantic paintings inspired by vintage chinoiserie. Emerging from her work are layers of pattern, botanicals, color and hidden motifs. Kathe says her work is “a resting place for the eye, a welcome peaceful voice as something reinvented emerges: gentle old meets dynamic new.”


Laura Varich is an abstract oil painter based out of Mount Dora, Florida. She takes inspiration for her dynamic and colorful pieces from her early childhood, living among the natural and beautiful open spaces of the California landscape. Using energetic, bold brush strokes and striking color, Varich takes traditional subject matter of floral landscape and fuses it with the abstract, calling forth the symbols behind these elements of nature. 






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