Abstract Narratives


530 Burns Gallery debuts group exhibition: Abstract Narratives 


530 Burns Gallery presents Abstract Narrative, a group exhibition featuring work by Anita Lewis and Sarasota-based artists Kim McAninch and Katie Cassidy. Each artist tells a story through line, shape, color, and texture in their paintings. In abstract work, the viewer is also encouraged to tell their tale through inspiration and memories provoked from each piece. The show will run from May 14 through June 23, 2021. 


Anita Lewis’s abstract oil paintings reflect an admiration for her international heritage and love of modern design with natural influences. Heavy texture, blue hues, and pops of metallic paint remind the viewer of the sun shining over the water, the story of that perfect beach day.


Kim McAnich’s work is abstract yet reminds the viewer of place through a horizon line. With expressive use of brush and palette knife, she conveys an emotion, a mood, and the pure joy of color. Combining her inspiration from Siesta Key Beach, Stony Point, New York, and Cape Cod and the viewer’s own travels, each work takes on a life of its own. 


Katie Cassidy’s ethereal oil paintings transport the viewer to a peaceful space. Her experience with yoga and meditation transfers relaxation and ability simply be from canvas to viewer. Her work explores the narratives of where the mind goes when undisturbed and in a state of harmony.


For more information about these artists and 530 Burns Gallery, visit www.530burnsgallery.com.





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