3 Ways to Freshen up your Space


By spending more time in our homes, now is a great time to reflect and freshen up your space. We have three ways you can bring new life to your home.

1. Declutter

We know that by now you may have heard this once or twice, but if you don’t tackle those stacks of books and papers or piles of clothes from two seasons ago, it will get harder to do so when the pace picks up again. It feels amazing to let go of the things that no longer bring you joy. Now, you have the space to think about what the ultimate personal sanctuary looks like and feels like. 

2. Rearrange your artwork

This is one of our favorite tricks. When you change the placement of artwork in your home, you will begin to notice new things about the painting or sculpture. Suddenly, it will feel like you have a whole new collection. Light changes artwork, and you will have different lighting on various walls and various rooms. Your perspective to the work will also shift. Imagine you take a painting that was in your hallway and move it to the living room. All of a sudden, you will be able to look at the work straight ahead, from a distance, and up close. 

3. Collect new, key pieces

The best part! Now that you have rearranged your artwork, you open potential wallspace. As art lovers and connoisseurs, the search for a new piece of art for your collection is a passion. Spend some time browsing new works. Maybe you’re looking to collect by color like blue or yellow. Maybe you’re looking for a “plein-air” style work. Maybe you’re looking for cutting-edge mixed-media work. Either way, you cannot go wrong when you lead with your own individual style.

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