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Art & Yoga: Joining the Mind, Body and Spirit

Two week introductory Chair Yoga class  Tuesday, July 17th and Tuesday, July 24th from 5:30-7pm.
or simply give us a call: 941-951-0620!

About the Exhibition/Event:

Katie Cassidy, RYT, will lead the class and share how meditation and yoga has influenced her work as an artist. In turn, she will show how practicing yoga and meditation can enhance any activity.  Attendees are encouraged to attend one or both sessions, should wear comfortable clothing, and bring an open willingness to begin their yoga practice journey. Katie Cassidy's ethereal, relaxing oil paintings will be featured in the gallery as a solo exhibition. 530 Burns Gallery looks forward to expanding their “Fusion Events” for the upcoming season as they create intersectional experiences that combine art or jewelry with a variety of areas of interest, diversifying their reach to the community.

A big thank you to

Suncoast View

for having Katie Cassidy and 530 Burns on their show!

"Some of us can no longer get ourselves to comfortably sit on the floor in cross legged positions and then get back up again. Some of us are tied to our office and can’t seem to get away to get to a yoga studio. Some of us let the days slip by, knowing we really ought to incorporate some sort of exercise in our lives but feel too tired, scattered or anxious. If you can relate to any of the above, perhaps chair yoga would be good for you.

Chair yoga was introduced in the 1980’s with the intention that the rewards of practicing yoga could be shared with everyone, regardless of age, body type, mobility, energy level and time constraints. Our introductory chair yoga class will bring together mind, body and spirit. With continued practice you will experience a feeling of rejuvenation, increased energy, improved focus, flexibility, balance, strength and calm.

Our breath is our life force. Through deep breathing techniques you will learn how to bring more oxygen to your body and brain increasing circulation while ridding the body of toxins. You will become more aware of your posture and alignment to keep it safe whether practicing yoga or not. While seated you will be introduced to various feet, leg, hand, arm, shoulder, back and torso movements. Using the chair to assist, you will be introduced to standing positions to sharpen your focus and increase your balance. Our class will end with a meditation that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine."

- Katie Cassidy



We heard from Wildlife expert Joe Wasilewski about the invasive python problem in Florida's Everglades.

Dusty "Wildman" Crum and Nikki Sedacca during the Collaboration Launch Party.

530 Burns Gallery and the Roskamp Institute teamed up to present a series on brain health and healthy aging from The Roskamp Institute paired with special commentary and anecdotes by gallery artists. A portion of proceeds to benefited The Roskamp Institute.



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