Haze show

530 Burns Gallery Opening Reception: “Haze: A Collection of Atmospheric Paintings”

Opening reception: Friday, December 8, 6-9pm

December 8, 2017 – January 5, 2017, 530 Burns Gallery, 530 Burns Ln, Sarasota FL 34236


530 Burns Gallery announces an exciting new exhibition, “Haze: A Collection of Atmospheric Paintings.” Featuring new work by Florida-based artists Steven Anton Rehage and Katie Cassidy, the exhibition’s opening reception is Friday, December 8 from 6 to 9 pm. The artists transport the viewer into a serene fantasy world, reliant on their memories and zeal for following their passions.

Steven Anton Rehage is both an artist and a jewelry designer. He grew up in south Florida and takes the ocean as his greatest inspiration. However, existential to Steven’s work, is the correlation between his jewelry designs and his paintings. Multiple layers of translucent paint create abstract forms, colors, and textures reminiscent of hammered metal and colored gemstones. In Golden Horizon, not only is there a sense of idealized memories—sunlight and summer breezes—but also a tangible connection to the transparency and reflective nature of gemstones such as faceted jade and agate that adorn his statement necklaces and bracelets alike.

Steven’s current oeuvre connects viewers to the feelings evoked by wearing a piece of fine jewelry. Like a necklace dripping in candy jade or fire opals, there is an inherent sensuality to his painting. He intermingles the past, present, and future into a complex notion of idealized youth. Just as the sunlight sparkles across crashing waves, Steven’s canvases glimmer from within each layer of paint.

Katie Cassidy is both an artist and a yogini, leading her to impart her practice to others. Oil paint flows from brush to canvas, as the body flows from one vinyasa pose to the next, creating a space that is atmospheric and ethereal. Intentionally, her work is void of imagery, pushing the viewer in and out the surrounding world and creating a pause in the now. In Breathe, the viewer is lured into an endless reverie of subtle blues and soft greens that gracefully change and evolve the longer one spends with the piece. 

One of the most important questions to ask an artist is, “What is your inspiration?” Both artists are inspired by nature and driven by their passion to create from the whole of their mind and body. Each artist is multi-faceted and complex in their personal endeavors, which reflects back to viewers in their work.

Both artists will be present at the opening reception on Friday, December 8 from 6 to 9pm at 530 Burns Gallery— an intersection of art and jewels. Additionally, 530 Burns Gallery will display figurative sculpture by Todd Andrew Babb.


Molly Lindberg, molly@sedacca.com, Ph: 941-951-0620

530 Burns Gallery, 530 Burns Ln, Sarasota FL 34236



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