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Press Release: 

530 Burns Gallery is proud to present “Within the Light.” The exhibition is curated from local and national gallery artists who explore the vast opportunities found through color.  Featuring Katie Cassidy, Susan von Gries, Arleen Joseph and more, “Within the Light” will run from January 25 through February 4 at 530 Burns Gallery, 530 Burns Lane, Sarasota, FL. The opening reception will be held at the Gallery on Friday, January 25  from 6 to 9PM, with an opportunity to meet the artists. Connected through their abstracted perspectives on the world around them, the artists apply paint differently, creating an individual style which is all their own.

Each color found on an artist’s palette holds a particular set of feelings or memories. As the viewer, we are called to cultivate a conversation with each piece as different colors draw from personal associations and visceral emotions that oftentimes remain inexplicable. The show seeks to indulge the visual senses through the relationship between color to texture, line and shape.

New to 530 Burns Gallery’s roster of artists, Susan von Gries takes inspiration from living in El Salvador, Brazil, Venezuela, Belgium and the Netherlands with her family as an expatriate for 20 years. She has also traveled widely in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and the Near East. While living overseas she experienced, assimilated and pursued her passion for art. Now residing in Sarasota, Gries abstractly combines a wide variety of hues found throughout her travels with the light and bright colors for which Sarasota is known.

Sarasota-based artist Katie Cassidy presents new ethereal oil paintings which highlight the subtle shifts of color found in the sky, land and sea, moving the eye eternally around the canvas. Her work transports the viewer into the calm through the use of soft, blended hues. Cassidy says, “I allow myself to submerge into the imagined, uncharted, yet to be discovered, places. I paint where the quiet spirit lives; a place that is absent from the chatter of our daily routines.”

New York-based artist Arleen Joseph uses color to capture the awareness of a feeling by focusing on the process of taking a blank canvas to a colorful and textural painting.  In “Blissful Moments,” Joseph allows the viewer to flow through the piece from layers of turquoise to flashes of gold. Joseph say, “My hope is to extend beyond the personal dialogue and provide viewers with the opportunity for reflection and a journey of their own.”

530 Burns Gallery is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 10PM and Sunday 1PM to 9PM. “Within the Light” will run from January 25 through February 4 with an opening reception Friday, January 25 from 6 to 9PM  at 530 Burns Gallery, 530 Burns Ln Sarasota, FL. For further information and press inquiries, please contact Molly Lindberg at or by phone at 941-951-0620.

Arleen Joseph

"Blissful Moments," 48 x 48, oil on canvas

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