5 Art Buying Tips
As featured in Sarasota Magazine. Like the ripple of the Gulf’s waves, your space should wash away the stress and pressure of the day and create an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.
3 Ways to Freshen up your Space
By spending more time in our homes, now is a great time to reflect and freshen up your space. We have three ways you can bring new life to your home.
4 Paintings Inspired by Nature
We have selected 4 paintings inspired by nature to share with you and make your day brighter! Enjoy peeks into the artist's studio.
5 Paintings to Brighten Your Day
From the email: We are here to bring a touch of joy to your day. Art has the power to relax the mind. When we see something spectacular, we react with an inner smile. After a long day, paintings can rejuvenate our spirit. More than ever, we need art to bring beauty into our daily lives.

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