Susan von Gries

Susan von Gries


There is a musical nature to my abstract paintings.  For me, brushing paint onto a canvas is akin to an exuberant orchestra conductor shaping beautiful music with his baton.  I have a strong music appreciation that's rooted in my childhood.  Music inspires me to create, it transports me to a place in my subconscious where I can express my emotions intuitively and spontaneously with paint on canvas.  I would describe many of my abstract paintings in the style of lyrical abstraction. I begin my compositions by laying down strong, gestured lyrical lines, based on the emotional connection I feel to the music.  Those lines will be the primary element in my painting because of their ability to express those emotions. I follow this step by adding the orchestra:  color, texture, contrast, shape. Over the years my paintings have evolved into energetic, gestural paintings characterized by expressive line, color and shapes.



Susan von Gries is an award-winning international artist who currently resides with her husband in Sarasota, Florida.  Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she lived with her family in El Salvador, Brazil, Venezuela, Belgium, and the Netherlands as an expatriate for 20 years.  She has also traveled widely in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Near East.  Susan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin. While living overseas she experienced, assimilated, and pursued her passion for art. She has exhibited in Brussels and The Hague; however, her style has evolved from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism.  Her work, including sculpture, is in private collections in Europe and North America. After attending the openings of various exhibitions in around Brussels, she presented critiques on them over the English-speaking radio station, Radio de Vie, in Waterloo, Belgium. Susan was a member of Florida Artists Group, a juried membership group of professional artists, for 9 years including being Chairman of Manatee and Sarasota counties.  She is an active member of the exhibiting community.


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