Sabrina Kuchta





Sabrina Kuchta has been summering on Martha’s Vineyard since childhood.  Always interested in the arts, she spent her time between watercolors and ceramics. After graduating Rhode Island School of Design for Illustration in 2011, she returned to Martha’s Vineyard as a teacher at Featherstone Center for the Arts Summer Camp. As of the winter of 2016 she has been working year round as the Featherstone Ceramics studio manager.  


Artist Statement 


For as long as I have been interested in art, realism has always been a concept that fascinated me. Even before I was old enough to understand what I wanted out of my art, my concern was centered on rendering my subject as accurately as possible. As I grew, and my understanding of both the theory of art and art techniques grew with me, I began to focus more specifically on light.  The way that light creates volume, form and texture but also how the color of that light creates temperature and even emotion.


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