Jan.12 – 25: The Art of Abstraction

530 Burns Gallery is pleased to present “The Art of Abstraction,” a group exhibition featuring work of Sam Roth, Maria Burtis, and Teresa McCue among other artists. The show will run from January 12, through January 25, with an opening reception Friday, January 13 from 5:30p.m. until 9:30p.m.

Abstract art endlessly entices the eye and enchants the viewer. By removing the representational, abstract artists invite viewers to approach their work from an internal space, where the emphasis is on personal interpretation. Color, line, shape and form all play an important role to the artist exploring the realms of perception and manipulating the world in which we live.

Artist Maria Burtis has been making one small painting study each day since 2005. She received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Burtis says, “My larger paintings are natural outgrowths of this obsessive and committed ritual. My fascination is in the liminal spaces; exploring deeply the edges where physical matter, relationships and even emotions, collide.” Now residing in San Francisco, Burtis has shown her work throughout the United States. Whether a small 6 x 6 inch painting or a large 60 x 48 inch painting, her pieces are characterized by bold color palettes and strong, energetic brushstrokes allowing the eye to travel endlessly around the canvas.

Artist Teresa McCue is inspired by the spirituality of nature. She received her BFA from Bridgewater University in Massachusetts and has continued her studies and exploration of color throughout her career. Each piece, whether pastel or acrylic paint, evokes an ethereal dream-like state. Her pastels show the richness of color, as they are almost purely pigment. She is able to push and manipulate colors as she chooses. On the other hand, acrylic paint allows her to focus on creating and manipulating textures.

“The Art of Abstraction” will run through January 25, 2017. Some artists will be present at the opening reception Friday, January 13 from 5:30 until 9:00 p.m. The gallery will serve light refreshments.

Featured image: Ocean Mist, 30 x 50, acrylic  on canvas, by Teresa McCue

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