Artist – Linda Richichi

linda-richichi-headshotLinda was born in Montgomery, NY and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from SUNY New Paltz. She received a scholarship from the Pastel Society of America to attend the Art Students League in New York City in 1999 and studied with John Phillip Osborne, Andrew Lattimore and more. Richichi was voted the nation’s Best Intuitive Artist 2012 from (a NY Times company).

For me, painting is a pilgrimage – a journey into the mystery of creation, and through that sacred path, a journey into the deepest reaches of my spirit. If my painting helps me reach this goal, then it can be a bridge into your soul.

Whether I am painting the breathtaking Hudson Valley, Italian castles, or a sun-drenched beach in Sarasota, Florida, my paintings capture the brilliance – the spiritual energy – that underlies all of nature. Painting “en plein air” enhances my mission of discovery.

In addition to classical training, a strong intuition allows me to avoid focusing on unnecessary details and leads me to immerse myself into the “greater” self that surrounds us all. Slowly, the world of form and color merges and shifts, separates and impresses, to recreate the energy of nature on canvas.

It is this distillation of both what is seen and unseen that I attempt to capture. When a mixture of color resonates in my being, the magic is there and the painting is complete.

I hope my paintings can help open your spirit a bit further too.
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