Artist – Elizabeth Buenaventura

Elizabeth Buenaventura

Born in Connecticut and raised in Santiago de Chile, Elizabeth Buenaventura moved to New York City to develop her brand of fine jewelry. Joyful and unreserved, her personal philosophy is that creativity and self empowerment are qualities intrinsic in all human beings and need only be remembered and expressed.

Her work aims at inspiring the men and women that wear her jewelry, to create their own collection and express their individuality by matching pieces that reflect their uniqueness and personal sensibility. Buenaventura literally translates to “good fortune,” a quality that Elizabeth channels into every piece she designs. Her jewels have traveled the world with her as seamless companions, a second skin.

Elizabeth believes that jewelry can remind us of our courage, creativity and sense of adventure. Every piece in her collection is an object of beauty and impeccable quality which is practical, and moves perfectly with the wearer.

The Jewels

Pieces are meant to be layered, stacked, mixed, and matched. To encourage a personalized collection all studs are sold separately, not as a pair. Gold and silver pieces are meant to be combined and worn together.

Elizabeth’s designs are inspired by people, places and experiences. Your suggestions are welcome, and taken into consideration in the creation of new collections.We believe in individuals’ unique approach to the world, and thrive on collaboration and the co-creation of jewels that reflect not just one voice but many, in one harmonious final product.

Custom pieces are available too.


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