Artist – Donna McCullough

Donna McCulloughFashion is well known as a reliable reflection of cultural trends and historical events. On a personal level, it has become my creative vehicle for exploring the emotional roller coaster of life.

My inspiration arose from contemplating the dichotomy between the perception of women as fragile, delicate creatures, and the reality that most women are defined by resiliency and steely resolve. I employ a juxtaposition of extremes such as lightness and gravity, suppleness and intransigence, to convey feminine sensibilities.

Crafted of steel and embellished with flourishes of wire mesh, screening, cut-outs and bits of found objects, the dresses are at once both elegant and imposing. I like the duplicitous nature of steel which can be manipulated to appear feminine and soft while actually maintaining its strength and rigidity—an expression in contrasts and complements.

I work in series. Two current series include:

”The Jones Girls” – this series, woven of coffee, cookie and other tins, delves into the intimate textures of family and friends. The kitchen is the soul of the family, the gathering place, conjuring up delicious smells, and fond memories. The fabric of life is woven into my pieces.

“The Jones Girls” directly refers to my grandmother Lena Jones, her sisters Sara and Mary and her sister-in-law Frances. These women truly touched my life and have all passed on, leaving me wonderful memories (and recipes). This series is a tribute to them.

“The Drill Team” – a whimsical take on our oil-driven culture and our passion to be members of a winning team. They are constructed of vintage gas and oil cans and resemble cheerleader outfits.

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